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Digital Media Arts, also known as DMA, is the home of creativity and collaborative project-based learning at the Career Center. Using the latest trends, powerful software, and advanced hardware, students learn new ways of communicating through visual and audio media. With focuses on photography, graphics, film, music, web design, motion graphics, and animation, DMA students master creativity for a boundless world of media creativity.

DMA Class Websites

Students in DMA maintain a class website every year.

See each year of DMA student work using the links below!

DMA Class Instagram Feeds

Check out the feeds below to see the latest posts of student work from both the DMAI and DMAII programs.

             <  link to @cvcc_dma1 on Instagram

             <  link to @cvcc_dma2 on Instagram

For more information about our school, go to www.cvtcc.org


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Contact the first year instructor Matthew Binginot at mbingcvcc@buusd.org or the second year instructor Cal Hopwood at chopwcvcc@buusd.org